For original characters or D&D characters, I’ll need a good written description of your character or reference pics! I can even work from a few sentences and we can work together to make your vision come to life!For existing characters or subjects, supplying your preferred reference pics will help to make sure I have the right outfit/hairstyle/etc.The usual turnaround time is one month, or completion by the end of the month you acquired a slot for! Either way, I’ll tell you an approximate due date! I can always rush orders for important events like birthdays!You are permitted to use your commission for things like wallpapers, icons, and to print for personal use (like on your D&D sheet or for wall art), but these works aren’t to be printed for profit.The process of commissioning has several stages, and refunds can only be supplied after the first sketch is sent for proofing if the purchaser wants to decline for whatever reason. If the commission proceeds past the initial sketch proof, refunds can’t be supplied!If there’s something you’re looking for you don’t see specified or listed feel free to message me with ideas and I can quote you a price!All listed prices are in USD, payment through PayPal invoicing. For commissions for Canadians, we can convert the cost at the current exchange rate and use bank etransfer.Payments and reservations for commissions are also available via ko-fi.

Profile Portrait

A drawing with monochrome shading of your OC, D&D character, or any popular media character!Starting at $100 each, depending on detail

High Detail Portrait

Monochrome portrait in realistic style, real people, family members OK! Watercolour background your choice of colour.
Starting at $150 each, depending on detail

Watercolour Portrait

A colourful semi-realistic bust portrait of a D&D character, OC, real person, fan art etc.
Starting at $180 each, depending on detail

Watercolour Animal Portrait

A watercolour style high detail animal portrait, with vibrant colours. Slight stylization ok too! Real life pets, or animals from fiction ok too.
Starting at $180 each, depending on detail

Character Outfit Design

Artwork of a D&D character or your OC.
Can work from various reference pictures and written descriptions.
Starting at $200 each, depending on detail
Combo with a High Detail Portrait for $300 total

Tarot Card

A tarot card style high detail illustration, featuring a character of your choice, symbols, and items.
Starting at $400, depending on detail

arcana - secrets vigilo - watchingBring all that is fear and all that is terror and all that is the awful dread that crawls and chokes and blinds and falls and twists and leaves and hides and weaves and burns and hunts and rips and bleeds and dies—There’s not much of a difference between wonder and horror. Their root is fascination.Give something a name and you give it meaning, but that can be a burden.Drawing things that can be considered hideous or horrible or ugly with love can make them beautiful instead. Without love, it cannot be seen.Beautiful ugly, elegant body horror, break a body down to build it up again.Look, then look again and tell me what you see.“I think our experience of the universe has value. Even if it disappears forever.”
“What a lonely way to look at things.”
This set of works were based on the story and characters of The Magnus Archives, a podcast written by Jonny Sims, and produced by Rusty Quill.

In the light

A Faustian tale
Book by Nathan Wright and Justin Silvestri
Music & lyrics by Michael Mott

From the flame,
smoke flows like pure water
at the whims of the wind,
before the ash darkens the earth.
This series of works were inspired by the musical, and examine the ensemble of characters through the compositions of alchemy and four classic elements.

Johann Faustus

The sun and the flames.
Burn too brightly and you may set yourself on fire.

Ana Faustus

The moon and the tides.
A placid heart may need to freeze to withstand the flame.

Gretchen Wagner

The eclipse and the wind.
The breeze moves in all directions, but you must choose one.

Valentine Engel

The aurora and the earth.
Feet on the ground, and head in the stars, dare to dream.

Rise or Fall

Father bless me on this day,
I will lead with love in God's righteous way
sanctus, sanctus
The words cut through my soul.
He knows my every dream
Should I believe him...?


Why? Why have you
Forsaken me?
Come back! Come back...
He is no man.
He is no man like me.

Her Embrace

But she’s scattered in the stars above me
Where her light lives on
So I’ll follow in her footsteps freely
As I step into the dawn

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All rights reserved.

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